DC Brakes

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DC Brakes

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Product Details (30) :
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Speed Upto 3000 RPM
Phase 2 Phase 415 V as Supply of rectifier & Upto 190 V DC for Brake
Brand Stallion & Emco
Motor Voltage NA
Power 20 Watt to 140 Watt
Frequency 50 Hz. +/-5%
Usage/Application All Type of Micro, Small, Medium, Heavy And Large Scale of Industries
Country of Origin Made in India




Stallion :

We are Ahmedabad (Guj.-INDIA) based ISO 9001 : 2015 and CE approved “Manufacturing Company” And Serve in market since 20 Years

We are operate in market with “Stallion”  brand

Brake Manufacturer Company's Overview :

  • Emco : Emco Group have manufacturing of DC brake, And plant established in Vasai & Baroda

Product Range - DC Brakes :

  • Size OR Model : From 06 to 31
  • Torque : From 4 Nm. to 600 Nm.
  • Power Consumption : From 20 Watt to 140 Watt
  • Hub Bore Dia. : From 10 MM to 70 MM
  • AC Input Voltage : 415 V AC (Most Common AC Input Voltage),110 V AC, 230 V AC
  • DC Brake Coil Voltage : 190 V DC (Most Common Used Brake), 24 V DC, 96 V DC, 105 V DC, 205 V DC (Can customized other coil voltages on request) 
  • Supply Phase : 2 Ph. 415 V AC
  • Operating Frequency : 50 Hz. (+/- 5%)

Features :

  • Uncompromised quality
  • Manual Release
  • Dust Protecting Seal
  • Quick service
  • Safe & reliable
  • Easy mounting
  • Easy air-gap setting
  • Quick response time
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Rust protection
  • Long life during the brake life-span
  • Available in Square & Round hub
  • Minimal noise level to noiseless model
  • Insulation class "F"
  • Protection range as IP 44 to IP 55
  • Coil with stand capacity upto the temp. of 155 °C
  • Special liner as biscuit type as well as sandwich type (Non-Asbestos Liner)
  • Special bonding solution for liner
  • Minimize of maintenance

Switching Options :

  1. AC Side Switching (Will used when braking time is not critical, Cons. : Engagement time will be 3 to 6 times longer than DC switching)
  2. DC Side Switching (For, High inertia load required instant braking through using of DC switching, Pro. : Instant braking)

Selection Key (According to Torque) :

  • Torque Nm. = 9550 x (Motor KW / RPM) x Safety Factor

Safety Factor :

  • Normal Braking : 1.6 to 2 SF
  • Hoisting : Min. 2.5 SF
  • Hoisting : Max. 3 SF
  • Large Application : 4 SF

Uses :

  • These type of Electromagnetic Brakes are widely used in Hoisting, Cranes, Whinches, Elevators, Goods Lift, Etc. Where application have must required braking/stopping of moving parts

Application :

  • All type of brake motors
  • Hoisting
  • Crane
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Goods Lift Or Elevator
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Storage Systems
  • All Engineering Industries
  • Heavy Machinery Industries
  • Wood Working Machineries
  • Automation Gates
  • Industrial Type Presses
  • Marble & Granite Industries
  • Steel Industries
  • Defence Equipments
  • Printing Industries
  • Tire Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Other as all type of equipments, Which have required braking/stopping of moving parts

Important :

  • For, Vertical mounting application - Contact to us
  • For, VFD application - Contact to us



Additional Information:

  • Item Code: STLADBRK7
  • Production Capacity: 1000 Piece Per Month
  • Delivery Time: As Per Customer Requirement / Ready To Stock
  • Packaging Details: As Stallion Standardized PVC Wrapping (Wooden Box / Metal Box / Thermocol-Corrugated Box Are available on request)
DC Brakes

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Emco Spring Loaded Fail Safe Brake

Ask For Rate : 9825519264 Or 9825519295

Product Details (145) :


A spring-loaded failed-safe brake, also known as a spring-applied brake, is a mechanical braking system that uses springs to engage the brake when the power or actuating force is removed. This type of brake is designed to operate in a "failed-safe" manner, meaning that it defaults to the engaged or braking state when there is a loss of power or control signal. It is commonly used in various applications to ensure safety and prevent unintended movement.

Here's how a spring-loaded failed-safe brake typically works :

  1. Engaged State (Braking) : In its default state (without power or control), the brake is engaged, meaning that it's actively applying braking force to prevent movement. This is achieved through the force of one or more springs that press brake pads or friction surfaces against a rotating or moving part, such as a shaft or drum.
  2. Disengagement : When power or control signal is applied to the brake system, it compresses the springs against their force. This action releases the brake pads or friction surfaces from the rotating part, allowing it to move freely.
  3. Release State (Free Movement) : In this state, the brake is disengaged, and the rotating part can move without any braking force being applied. This allows for normal operation.
  4. Failed-Safe Condition : If there is a power failure, loss of control signal, or any other issue that interrupts the supply of power or control, the springs will immediately push the brake pads or friction surfaces back into engagement. This ensures that the brake is applied automatically, preventing any unintended movement or potential hazards.

Spring-loaded failed-safe brakes are used in a variety of industrial applications where safety is paramount. Some common applications include :

  1. Elevators and Lifts : To ensure that elevators stop safely if power is lost.
  2. Cranes and Hoists : Prevents loads from falling in case of power failure.
  3. Conveyor Systems : Stops the conveyor belt when power is cut.
  4. Winches and Windlasses : Controls the movement of ropes or cables in maritime applications.
  5. Amusement Rides : Ensures ride safety by stopping or slowing down in case of power loss.
  6. Industrial Machinery : Used to stop machinery quickly when power is interrupted for safety reasons.

It's important to design and maintain spring-loaded failed-safe brakes properly to ensure reliable and safe operation. Regular inspections and testing are essential to verify that the brake system is functioning as intended.

Emco Spring Loaded Fail Safe Brake

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