Electric Gear Motor
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Electric Gear Motor

Electric Gear Motor

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Electric Gear Motor Details :

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Speed Upto 1400 RPM
Brand Stallion
Power Up to 120 HP / 90 KW
Voltage 415 V AC +/-10%
Phase Three Phase
Mounting Horizontal & Vertical
Usage/Application Industrial
Features Efficient Performance
Color In Standardized as Graphite Grey is Stallion Brand Color (Customized on request)
Number Of Poles 2, 4, 6 & 8
Frame Size Up to 280 M
Duty S1 to S8
Finish Machining, Filing, Finishing, Cleaning, Varnishing, Red Coat Paint, Final Coat of Stallion Paint
Frame Upto 280 M
Gearbox Diameter NA
Length As Per IS Standard
Load Current As Per IS Standard
Mass Gearhead NA
Maximum Overhung Load NA
Motor Sizes Upto 90 KW / 120 HP
Optimum Operating Voltage Vm 415 V AC +10%
Shaft Diameter As Per IS Standard
Stroke NA
Unit Sizes KW / HP
Weight Will varying from product model to product model
Noise 76 to 109 dB
Protection Class IP 44 & IP 55 Class
Type Three Pahse AC Standard Electric Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Size Upto 280 M
Axial Load NA
Ratio NA
Output Torque As Per IS Standard
Motor Type Three Pahse AC Standard Electric Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Output Power Upto 90 KW
Country of Origin Made in India

Stallion :

We are Ahmedabad (Guj.-INDIA) based ISO 9001 : 2015 and CE approved “Manufacturing Company” And Serve in market since 20 Years

We are operate in market with “Stallion”  brand

Product :

These Electric Gear Motors” are mainly combination of Gear & Motor, These are inbuilt with Gear Box

This dual functionality motors are widely used in the all type of industries & market, Which is needed geared operation in their operational cycle

Specifically designed for crane & hoist gear operation with robust in frequent starts/stops and reversals continuous with 60 Starts/Hr. to 300 Starts/Hr.

Application :

  • Ideally suitable for short time and intermittent duties
  • Widely use in Crane & Hoist application including LT & CT as well as Material Handling, Weirs & Sluices, Lift, Auxiliary in Rolling Mills, Etc.
  • All Type of Micro, Small, Medium, Heavy And Large Scale of Industries

Frame & Range :

  • Frame : 63 to 280 S
  • KW/HP Range : 0.18 to 90 KW / 0.25 to 120 HP

Operating Conditions :

  • Voltage : 415 V +/- 10% (Provided in 220/230/380/460/525 V on request)
  • Frequency : 50 Hz +/- 5%
  • Combined Variation : +/- 10%

Duty :

  • Ideally suitable for all types of duties such as...S1 to S8

IS Standards :

  • IS : 1231 for Foot Mounting
  • IS : 2223 for Flange Mounting
  • IS : 325 for 3-Ph. Ind. Motors Specs.
  • IS 12615 : 2018 for Line Operated Three Phase A.C. Motors
  • IEC 60034 - 1 for Rotating Electrical Machines – Rating & Performance

Protection :

  • Ingress Protection is IP-44

Enclosure :

  • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled

Construction Range :

  • Horizontal Mounting as B3, B5, B3 with B5, B6, B7, B8, B14, B3 with B14
  • Vertical Mounting as V1, V3, V5, V6, V18, V19

Construction :

  • Cast Iron Body, No-Bake Casting Body, Aluminum Pressure Die Casting Body

Material :

  • Stator Winding : Modified Polyster Enamel Cover Cu.
  • Stator Winding Insulation : Class-F with temperature rise as Class-B
  • Rotor Winding : Pressure die-cast aluminum
  • Stamping : CRNO
  • Bearing : ZZ Sealed
  • Shaft : EN-8 C40 Steel

Paint :

  • Shade : In Standardized Graphite Grey is Stallion Brand Color (Customized on request)
  • Type : Auto grade synthetic (Provided Acrylic Base on request)

Key Way & Balancing :

  • Key-Way have a precise tolerance work And Rotors are dynamically balanced with a using of our inhouse key-way & balancing line set up

Features :

  • Increased air gap between stator and rotor as special designed rotor
  • Specially designed for Hoisting, CT & LT
  • Suitable for All Type of Brake
  • Robustly constructed & Durability as high as used material’s applicable grade & quality
  • Electrically & Mechanically efficient throughout the motor's life-span with fulfills of IS Standard
  • Excellent in Load Inertia Vs Motor Speed
  • Less power consumption from IE1 to IE2, IE2 to IE3, Etc.
  • Economical models to reduce cost of product
  • Can customize for specific hoisting speed as well as combined operation of TEFC & Brake



Additional Information:

  • Item Code: STL94
  • Production Capacity: 500 Piece Per Month
  • Delivery Time: As Per Customer Requirement / Ready To Stock
  • Packaging Details: As Stallion Standardized PVC Wrapping (Wooden Box / Metal Box / Thermocol-Corrugated Box Are available on request)