DC Brake Rectifier
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DC Brake Rectifier

DC Brake Rectifier

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DC Brake Rectifier Details :

Stallion :

We are Ahmedabad (Guj.-INDIA) based ISO 9001 : 2015 and CE approved “Manufacturing Company” And Serve in market since 20 Years

We are operate in market with “Stallion”  brand

DC Brake's Rectifier Manufacturer :

  • DC Brake's Rectifier Manufacturer as In-House Production for our Stallion Brand Electric Motor
  • We are known for manufacturing one of the widest range of Brake motor, AC brake motor, DC brake motor, DC Brake Rectifier for DC Brake in the India, And our plant established in CTM - Ahmedabad - Gujarat

Basic of DC Brake's Rectifier :

Our "Stallion Brand" DC Brake's Rectifier is used to supply DC operated brakes on motors, There is available in two options Where standard release reaction times of the brake are required or Instant braking reaction times of the brake are required

Product Range - DC Brake's Rectifier :

  • Size OR Model : 2 A & 4 A

Operating Conditions :

  • DC Output Voltage : 190 V DC (Most Common Used Brake), 24 V DC, 96 V DC, 105 V DC, 205 V DC (Can customized other coil voltages on request) 
  • AC Input Voltage : 415 V AC
  • AC Supply Input Phase : 2 Phase
  • AC Supply Frequency : 50 Hz. (+/- 5%)

Features :

  • Uncompromised quality
  • Instant braking
  • Desired place stop
  • Delay braking
  • Standard release braking
  • Dust Protecting Cover for PCB
  • Quick response time
  • Special bonding solution to fill in PCB & Cover
  • Maintenance free design
  • Safe & reliable
  • Easy mounting
  • Long life during the brake's life-span
  • Rust protection in terminal
  • Protection range as IP 20, IP 44 to IP 55
  • PCB with stand capacity above the amb. temp. of 45 °C

Safety :

  • Electric Shock Proof
  • Best qualitative diode rectifier
  • Anti-Corrosion Terminal

Uses :

  • These type of Rectifiers are widely used in Hoisting, Cranes, Whinches, Elevators, Goods Lift, Etc. Where application have must required braking/stopping of moving parts

Application :

  • All type of brake motors
  • Hoisting
  • Crane
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Goods Lift Or Elevator
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Storage Systems
  • All Engineering Industries
  • Heavy Machinery Industries
  • Wood Working Machineries
  • Automation Gates
  • Industrial Type Presses
  • Marble & Granite Industries
  • Steel Industries
  • Defence Equipments
  • Printing Industries
  • Tire Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Other as all type of equipments, Which have required braking/stopping of moving parts

Important :

  • Optional : Brake rectifier with integrated voltage relay