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Message from the Founder & Chairman

Mr. Kirit Patel launched his business In 1998 after completing his graduation from Morvi Engineering College

"The Stallion Brand" was established as a motor brand and soon expanded to provide solutions for customers' differentials In 2010

In 1996, He was awarded the Emerging Motor Designer award at the Morvi Engineering College after his first college presentation and award.

In 2018, he received the Best After Sales Service Award from MP Engineering Hub.

Mr. Kirit Patel visited the Hannover Messe Exhibition at Europe to fulfill his urge to design differentials.

We are "Team Stallion" and we founded our business with the belief that a real engineering is necessary to complete a real product with a well-rounded team, well diverse skills, expertise design, user experience, market research, and sustainability.

" Stallion Private Limited "